Salina is the founder of  Express-it-Write.

She formed her business under the name Express-it-Write in 2011 as it perfectly fits the tagline Express it right, loud & clear the very phrase she used to repeatedly told her students while teaching them the importance of writing clearly and correctly.

Running her business under Express-it-Write, she hopes to bring her business enterprise to a higher level with the offering of services that are related to writing.

Express-it-Write started out by writing promotional materials and profiles for home-based businesses. Later, it branched out to offer proofreading, editing, translating and paraphrasing services too.

Passionate about writing, Salina has been channeling her passion through blogging since 2007, an outlet for her to vent or simply to share her thoughts while keeping the creative juice flowing.

A bit about her

  • Obtained distinction in English in her O-Level equivalent high school certificate
  • One of the top scorers in pre-college TOEFL placement exam
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Professional, meticulous, analytical and reliable
  • Over 10 years corporate experience in the financial services sector
  • Attended American Colleges for both her diploma & bachelor's degree (B.Sc in Applied Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh)