Hello there.

I'm Salina, the founder of EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE, a personal brand for my business that began in 2014 to offer writing, editing, and translation services. 

I came up with the name EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE as it perfectly fits the tagline Express it right, loud & clear, the very phrase I used to repeat to my students while teaching them the importance of writing correctly, clearly and effectively. 

My hope is that EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE becomes an avenue through which I can help others get their message out by expressing it right, loud and clear.

My services cater to business owners as well as students and of course, just about everybody else who wishes to reach out to their intended audience better through the correct use of the written words.

I am passionate about the written words and get the creative juice going by writing for both my personal and business blogs. 

A bit about me
  • Attended American Universities for both my diploma (American Assoc. Degree, Indiana University) & bachelor's degree (B.Sc in Applied Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Over 10 years corporate experience in the financial services sector
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Meticulous, analytical and reliable