Hello, there!

I'm Salina, the founder and lead editor of  EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE.

EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE was conceived to provide proofreading, editing, writing and translation services while the name itself reflects its tagline Express it right, loud & clear, the very phrase I used to drill into my students while teaching them the importance of writing correctly, clearly and effectively. 

My hope is that EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE becomes an avenue through which I can help others, especially among non-native English speakers who have yet to master the language, to express themselves in English correctly and effectively.

My services cater to business owners as well as students and of course, that includes just about everybody else who wish to reach out to their intended audience better.

I am passionate about writing and get the creative juice going by writing for both my personal and business blogs (yes, I wrote all the entries in the blogs myself which also serve as my writing samples) as well as contributing short stories and articles to printed and online publications.